Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to renew CNA licence

The license of certified nursing assistants serves as their ticket in their health care career. Their license is generally not good for lifetime. They have to renew their CNA training license once in every two years.

Typically, in order for you to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to enroll and complete a training program. After completing your training requirements, taking a certification exam would be your next step. Your CNA license would be your gate pass for continuing your career as a professional health care provider.

Generally, nursing students needs to pass examinations such as of clinical test and theoretical examination. You need to pass these examinations as they are prerequisites in having a certification. In order to receive your license, you must follow all the instructions by a licensing board upon completing and passing the exams. As your license has only limited lifetime, you need to renew CNA training license on a regular basis.

From initial release, CNA license is valid within 1 or 2 years depending on your state. You need to apply for renewal for you to continue being a certified nursing assistant. This would ensure your employers as well as the patients that you are competent and qualified in your profession. The licensing board might give you notification before the time of renewing your license. They would usually require you to complete some necessities for your license renewal. The notification should contain information on how you will complete the renewal process.

Typically, before renewing your expired CNA license, you have to worked as a certified nursing assistant within the past 2 years as your first requirement for the renewal process. As part of the process, you need an employment certification. You must have copy of pertinent documents from your employer that you had rendered service as a certified nursing aid. However, without working for past 24 months as a CNA, you could still renew your certification by undergoing training.

The registry would likely provide you renewal form where you can fill in your personal information. It is with utmost importance to update your information such as your address and name for the Registry to mail your recertification at the right address and person. It would basically include the need of signature of your current employer where you have practiced your service for 2 years. This would attest that your application for is filled up with authentic information.

In case there are changes in your personal information such as your family name, attach documents needed as a proof. After completion of documents, send it to the State Nurse Aide Registry for processing. Verification process may take couple of weeks but you could check the status of your form online. In case you didn't render service for the past two years, you would probably be required to enroll in a nursing program before you could take certification exams.

For the general advancement of your career, you could take further education and training. This would not just be essential in applying for recertification but could also give you more clinical skills as well as competence in your career.


  1. Hi I am Aaron, I think CNA license renewal is very important if you wish to continue working as a nurse aid. You need to keep in mind the following steps as you renew your licence

    1. If you have changed your address, phone numbers, or mail id within the past few years, you should inform the registry about it.

    2. You should have worked as a paid employee in the past couple of years so as to get your certificate renewed

    3. Your current or past employer will have to give in writing that you have worked as a nurse aide in the past two years.

    4. In many states, if the nurse aides fail to get their license renewed on time and it lapses, the candidate will have to go through the entire CNA training program all over again in order to obtain the license, once again

    5. If you have to shift from one state to another, you will have to ensure that your license is valid and in good standing. You will have to apply for reciprocity in that state and get yourself certified in that state.

    CNA license is important and lets you continue with your job without getting into legal issues. Hence, you should make sure that you get it renewed on time without fail.

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