Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The roles of the Certified Nurse Assistant

Nursing, like several other professions offers a number of ranks through which an individual can individual can practice. Usually, the Certified Nurse Assistant is not licensed and may not even be rightfully referred to as a nurse. However, the duties that they do are very crucial in the handling of patients. Of course they go through training before they are allowed to play this role.

The CNA is usually very important in the role of ensuring comfort of the patient. Thus, she will help the patient with the usual activities of living, like bathing. This can really be a difficult thing to do if one is not in the right health. The assistant will also help the patient dress up and even do a little grooming. Of course they need to have been trained to be able to handle these patients with care.

The other CNA duty would be to help with bed transfers. This is usually a common activity in the hospital or other places where medical attention is being given. To help a patient get onto another bed, for example needs someone who has been taught how to be gentle with the sick person to avoid worsening the situation.

There are some situations for which the cure would be to have a patient gradually adopt an exercise regime. This is yet another CAN duty. They help such people perform exercises that help them on the path to full recovery.

They also are taught a bit about the topic of nutrition, especially for the sick. Thus, they can use this knowledge as they care for sick people. Usually, they are mandated to take care of and assist patients in their homes. This is where their nutrition skills can come in handy. They may even have to do a bit of housework in such a setting in aide of the patient. They however, work under the guidance of a certified nurse.

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